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Recommendations for dash repair


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Bahston (Boston)
I have a vintage dash that needs one single repair. It is not cracked or deteriorated in anyway except the PO cut a large hole in the front. This is NOT an E9 dash.

Strictly speaking I guess this could be more appropriate for the Off-Topic subforum, but I hope any answers will be useful for E9 dash restoration.

Anyway, I’ve called both Just Dashes and Dash Specialties (Medford OR), and both say the only way to close the hole is a full on rebuild for $1500+SH. I do have a second dash that has a cracked up top but is perfect across the entire front. So, I wonder if I could split them and make a Frankel-dash with only about 1.75” or seam at the two ends (adjacent to the eye-ball vents).

I’m fishing for less costly recommendations on how to repair the hole or use two dashes to make one good dash.

Thanks in advance.

PS: Stan, no I do not have a rational reason why I’m doing a bare metal restoration on my GTV before I work on my E9. The E9 will be worth more when done, and be a nicer car to drive. Maybe my screwed up priorities comes from is I hang out too much with guys who come from the lighter is better school of sports car thinking. But at least I’ll have better restoration skills when I finally do tackle my E9. ECD5E920-D656-4605-8143-970384FFBC04.jpegF0BB0712-27A7-4577-86DA-EE2933710E32.jpegDE55EDB9-AD67-4CF4-9648-3AA7734A5E6E.jpeg0448905F-FD64-47D2-A8DB-5C07F99E9E41.jpeg5EE30CA2-57B1-41BF-B4E1-135818C38412.jpeg4D96E168-AFDE-4FDC-9E7A-2370F7F10EB0.jpeg
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