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Since my last posting I have had a lot more work done.
The car is housed now
c/o Lewis Allen who has been supervising the work.
[FONT=Times New Roman, Times, serif][FONT=Times New Roman, Times, serif]munich motorwerke
3415 fountainview dr.
houston, tx 77057

[/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman, Times, serif] [FONT=Times New Roman, Times, serif][FONT=Times New Roman, Times, serif] asking 22,000.

I am awaiting finished photos. Below are notes from my mechanic.
The following has been done:
-repaired- coolant expansion tank has rust where pressure cap is supposed to seal--coolant not holding pressure at cap plus needs new cap--i saw on past invoice that expansion tank was replaced-----it looks original

-expansion tank overflow hose replaced

-fixed: fuel return hose not properly terminated (this was part of the weber carb conversion)
-repaired:windshield washers inop-probably needs pump
-repaired:windshield wipers only work on high-strange wiring between harness plug and wiper motor-probably needs relay--i saw on past invoice where this was replaced and re-wired??
-repaired:defroster/heater blower motor inop
-repaired-a/c not cooling
-done:needs brake fluid flush (if you are going to keep it, best to replace flex hoses also)
-done: ignition switch/barrel assy
-done:RUST-needs spare tire well replaced
-done:RUST-needs left front 1/4 panel and apron rust repair
-done:needs bottom sand blasted, resealed and undercoat renewed

-done:battery terminals/cables need replacement
-done:rt rear sidemarker needs replacement
-done:htr/def blower cover needs to be repainted matte black
-done:alarm system needs to be removed
-third brake light needs to be removed
-done: radar detector needs to be removed and wood speaker grille needs to be installed
-done: a/c blower switch not functioning properly
-done: brake warning light bulb not functioning on dash

Today we removed the trunk floor and checked gas tank --it is ok---streaks must have been from previous leak at sending unit (part that goes into tank from the top and has the mechanism for the fuel gauge)--sending unit and o-ring look new----inside of tank is free of rust and looks good also.
repair of spare tire well---body shop has already fabricated replacement part and i have approved its "original look" they have agreed to clean and recaulk under trunk floor around gas tank at same time they clean and repaint spare tire well. replaced the broken rt rear license plate lamp cover with a good used one
also replaced the kitchen cabinet knob hardware which was sort of holding the license plate bracket with correct allen head bolts
not very glamorous but very important to its survival. we were able to install the trunk lining to the underside of the trunklid with new clips and repair the tool kit, and a new "screw-latch" for the tool kit .
re-glued the seal around the trunk .
some old fuel hoses, battery cables and dead wiring which no longer functioned and was removed or replaced. the very old fuel hoses were replaced since we were checking and working on the gas tank anyway-
the battery cables were necessarily replaced since the car was increasingly difficult to start until the point that it would not start at all.
some dead wiring which was associated at one time with an alarm system and a radar detector. both systems were missing components and obviously had not been working for some time.

repaired some wires to your stereo speakers, power wire to A/C compressor and replaced a missing screw on the trunk light switch so that it now works.
Loose wires were bundled and zip tied for both appearance and safety.
the glovebox hinges were repaired with the proper pins and clips
tightened the a/c belt which was very loose.
repair of the rear license plate lamp and bracket hardware was included in the price of the trunk repair.
exhaust system is fine.
did not detect any exhaust fumes at all.
no structural problems in a-pillar (as feared by blogger to your online photos)
underside of trunklid has been painted and reassembled
also, the lip/edge of the trunk opening at the base of the rear windshield has been repaired-there was rust and erosion of the metal which drew criticism on your web posting

the badly rusted left ft 1/4 panel which was replaced underside of the hood has been repainted and reassembled.
hood latch strikers were repainted black and new hdwe used
top surface of hood has been primed, wetsanded, puttied, re-wetsanded and reprimed, and re-installed and aligned and adjusted on the body of the car
engine compartment looks way better than before.
new hdwe securing components which were removed from their respective locations for painting.
the shock tower spacers (corroded aluminum) were sandblasted and have a nice clean silver patina with new hdwe
right door repaired no rust, just broken door brake
left door --no surprises!!

replaced the starter on your car.
[FONT=Times New Roman, Times, serif][FONT=Times New Roman, Times, serif][FONT=Times New Roman, Times, serif]replaced
[/FONT][/FONT] fuel hose as well as 1 coolant hose.
vacuum tested your a/c and charged it with freon 12 (the scarce, really expensive stuff used by older cars)-
replaced a felt guide for the driver's front window which had pretty much turned to dust and was allowing the glass to rattle in the channel.
there was a tapping noise in the cylinder head, removed the valve cover and discovered someone had installed the oil spray bar for the rocker arms and valves backwards, now installed it correctly.
one of the carbs was missing the adjustment screw for the choke, installed that and adjusted/synchronized the chokes. it also has a new state inspection sticker.. replaced the lower radiator hose-it is old, but was not the correct one anyway.
repaired some wiring for the fog lights and they are working now. Doors finished and back on car, aligned and door brake and rubber seals installed body is reassembled and painted

the new hood and trunk emblems
grommets on the linkages in the doors
for hood insulation to protect the paint from engine heat below

Susanne Mentzer