Report on: e9 coupe inside trunk wheel arch trim covers, new reproductions by NMNA


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since i made the refurbishment of my trunk i had to keep my small wheel arch trim covers (the outer smaller pieces), they were dirty and included some paint spray that made them look awful, but i had nothing to replace them with

so i decided to try these ones made by this polish company,

the parts,
they have been reproduced brand new using specific tooling for RH and LH, as they are different in shape

the material,
material is nice rubberized plastic, can not tell which are the specifications of the material used, but it is very nice to touch, the texture is good not exactly the same as the original ones, and not the same as the bmw repros, which are flatter, something in the middle

if you plan to equip the four pieces in your trunk the result will be superb, i strongly recommend to go this way

colour is more similar to the original elephant skin, and also to the toolbox plastic, as my wheel arch big trim covers are the bmw repros, you can see that the colour slightly differs
i would recommend to make them look less shinny, maybe this can be solved simply by ageing the parts, cleaning them without silicones, and so on

the service,
very kind and helpful, Wiola was responding my questions and requests, communication was fantastic, they choose a very good shipping service that arrived in reasonable time, ( i did not ask for ultra fast service), they were checking the tracking service and updating the shipping steps by email

the packaging,
very good, parts are not prone to damage, they are not fragile, but they are not small neither, a proper box and parts wrapped in paper, good

see pics


all in all an excellent product from a good company, i hope they broad their production with other NLA parts for our coupes
thank you

contact details,


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Great feedback. Nice writeup!

I'm not trying to derail your review, but I think that their recent e9 restoration illustrates their attention to detail. I haven't heard much about these folks until recently. I'm highly impressed with the work that they did on this car. Even the primered shots in the video below are the "after". See the "before" below: