Rules for classified ads

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Ads must be BMW related. An ad for a vehicle other than a CS is fine, but keep it in the family! COMMENTS MUST BE MADE IN A CONSTRUCTIVE MANNER! No bashing will be tolerated. Opinions need to be kept to a minimum in the classified area.

Its good practice (and saves everyone a lot of time) to list the following in your ad:

1) Location
2) Price
3) Detailed description (the more info you post the fewer questions you'll get, over and over...)
4) Photos if you have them.

Regarding for sale ads from "dealers". This is a public forum! ANY business that uses a public forum to sell goods signs up for any and all critique from the masses. There will always be someone that had a bad experience with that business and feels the need to vent, there will always be someone that feels its not fair for a business to advertise to a captive audience. As a business owner, you take on that risk. would prefer that users get to see what others have for sale since E9 parts (and cars) are getting hard to find. Scaring off all the sellers is probably not in everyone's best interest.
Not open for further replies.