Saturday BMW Chores in Maryland


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Silver Spring, MD
Today was a beautiful day in the neighbor of Silver Spring Md. After a trip to the dentist for teeth cleaning, I started working on my short list of tasks for my 73 Blue automatic. My son noticed a couple of weeks ago that my rear muffler looked rusty well the real issue is why is he able to see my muffler from the rear. I put the rear of the car up on ramps and low and behold three of the rubber grommets are stretched and about to break and the fourth is not too far behind. I know I replaced them about two years ago. I replaced all four before, but before I did this I sprayed the pipe coming out of the muffler with some rust converter which makes it turn black. The rear muffler is only about two years old. Now all you can see is the tip of the tail pipe sticking out under the bumper. The second thing I worked on is the passenger side rear emergency break cable which is hanging loose, waiting to grab something, because the wire hook is missing I made one out of two coat hangers. I noticed that there was dirt spots on under the floor of the car so I took a hose to wash some of that away. I washed the car and drove it to the store and it was much quieter. Every time I do small things on my car it makes a big difference in how it performs and drives. This car is very responsive in traffic. Tomorrow I am going to a vintage BMW get together in Fallston Md. Should be fun.


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Boston, Ma
Clarence, I have a bunch of those doughnuts for the muffler, they stretch and just don't hold up to the heat. I replace them routinely.