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Seat adjuster "restoration"


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This one took all my gumption for a few days and Markos likes hearing about struggles so I thought I'd post.

When sending out parts for plating I decided to send my seat adjusters. But I didn't want to have the spring gold plated so I opened the slot at the end of the rod and removed the springs before sending to plating. Getting the spring back on turned out to be harder than I had anticipated. I initially tried grabbing the end of the spring with pliers, rotating and then tapping spring with a screwdriver/hammer but that proved futile. Then I cut a slot into a piece of flatbar, rotated that and again tried to tap the spring down into the slot, all to no avail. I ended up making a "tool" (if you can call it that) but cutting a slot in an old air compressor fitting (it was the first disposable thing I could find with roughly the proper diameter). I placed the end of spring into the slot, clamped it snug to the bracket, turned the fitting with a wrench, and increased clamping pressure until the spring dropped back into the slot. The inner diameter of the fitting was large enough to fit over the pin. Job done.