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SOLD - Early E3 front windshield gasket available

Dick Steinkamp

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Don't get too excited...it's used.

When I bought my Bavaria, the glass had been taken out by the prior owner as part of the prep for a repaint. They broke the front windshield in the process, but I believe the front windshield had not been in long. The gasket is supple, no cracks or weathering, no tears. I do have a new one that I am going to use, however.

I had my vintage glass guy over to my shop tonight and I showed him the used gasket. He thought it was in excellent condition and he said he would use it to install a windshield.

It needs to be cleaned up.

My car is a 7/71 production Bavaria. This gasket was used up until the facelift for.the 74 MY. It uses the thinner aluminum trim.

My deal is, if you think it would work for your purposes, pay the shipping (it should fit in a large USPS box).

Within two weeks of receipt, have your glass guy inspect it. If he would use it to install your windshield, send me $100. If not, send the gasket back to me.

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