Spring has arrived (warning, non-E9 content)

Discussion in 'Photos' started by bfeng, Apr 14, 2018.

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    We in Boston are suffering from a Michigan-like winter with snow predicted for Monday!
    Normally, we'd be out on road and tracks by now.
    But, it was warm for just 1 day, enough to pull cars out of storage and start the prep for another driving season.

    I know we're all German car-crazy on this forum, but there's an argument to be made for love affairs across the Italian alps, and no I'm not talking about Hitler and Mussolini!

    I know Craterface and Bavman will appreciated this.

    Bavman: after getting stranded on the false grid once, today's project is to install one of those baby Denso alternators. I know I'll be giving up at least 2-3 horse power at red-line, which is a BIG DEAL when you only have 1.29 liters. But I figure I can always put on a short belt (bypass alternator) and run on battery if I know a race will be that competitive.

    Provenance: pretty sure Bavman (Al) worked on this car several decades ago when Krause and England supported it for Atlantic coast events. That's the true connection with E9coup.com

    Al, were you there when this got wrecked at Road Atlanta?

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    Awesome love them

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