Superb service from Bela

Dan Mooney

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Austin, Texas
Just wanted to mention some truly outstanding service received from @bela22

Briefly, I had a problem with one piece of wood Bela had refinished for me for the CSi. I saw the photographs before it shipped to me, and the veneer was perfect. Unfortunately, when I opened the shipment, the piece in question had a crack in it. I returned it, at Bella's insistence, and it was redone and shipped back to me at no charge. As if this that wasn't enough to earn this recommendation, the same thing happened AGAIN. The issue was so minor that I was prepared to live with it, but Bela insisted I send it back and have him redo it.

The piece in question is now absolutely perfect and I cannot thank Bela enough for the superb service.

If you are refinishing the wood in your BMW, don't hesitate to send it to Bela. Excellent value and unsurpassed service.