Trim, speakers, mirror, tool box and other parts for sale.


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Dayton, Ohio
I have the following parts looking for new homes.

All parts listed includes shipping from Dayton, Ohio by FedEx
to anywhere in the USA.

I accept PayPal at and will be shipped
as I recieve the payment.

These are not perfect 35 year old parts but in good condition.

Parts can be seen at

1- Tool Box, rivets have been removed, box has been re-sprayed,
hinge has been silver zinc plated. There are a few cracks but over
all in good condition. $60.00

2- Windsheild Washer, Radiator and Gas Tank Vent bottles. All
original and 35 years old. All in good condition with caps and pump.
Just needs to be cleaned up. $40.00 for all shipped to you.

3- Rear View Mirror, E-Brake cover and Side louvers. Mirror is in good
shape. It has about 1/8" black outline at the top of the mirror. The E- brake boot is also good but has a 1/8" hole in the side. The louvers
look ok but a few of the mounting studs are broken but is mountable.
$40.00 for all shipped to you.

4- Side markers, trunk light and rear plate lights. Again 35 years old.
The side markers have minor cracking and the trim looks good, trunk
light is good, plate light and gaskets are useable but have some
cracks. $22.50 for all shipped to you.

5- NEW Turn Signal Base Gasket 63 13 1 811 104. Maximillian Import
price $23.51 plus shipping. My price $20.00 including shipping to

6- ORIGINAL Becker Cassette Stereo. I was told it worked when I
purchased the car last year. I never tried it but I believe it works.
$40 puts it at your door step.

7- ADS speakers and a Visonik HIFI A-300 Power AMP. Again, I was
told it worked. $40.00 will put all of this at your door.

8- Misc. trim. all in ok shape, will need to be re-conditioned.
L/R front trim at headliner, L/R trim on rear windows, 2 pc front
door panel (long pc.) trim, L/R wide door trim that hold gasket.
Not shown, I think it is the rear window trim, 2 pc. All trim pc.
$70.00 shipped to you.


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New York
becker radio

i would love the i need the amp you are also sellling to power it or is there a built in amp with that unit/ how would i pay for it? eric 917-923-5087