UK: 1973 Taiga CSI (LHD) 70k € - 90k €


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Tasmania, Australia
Doessn't look too shabby but as always the devil is in the detail.
What interests me is they are saying 70-90k and it's a CSi.
If it brings anywhere near that it has implcations for RHD CSL market.
Considering there were only 500 RHD CSL's made and we think there are less than half still on the road, or capable of getting back there, and of all of those many are less than original they may be about to go north again?
Watch this space I guess.

Michael Kaye

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London, United Kingdom
Like the one at the H & H auction my guess is that they’re just chancing it. Pretty colour, fully “restored” (but to what standard?) etc. Remember there’s been a couple of other RHD CSis, while not as pretty and not fully restored, have not even reached their reserve of £35K.

My guess is that it will sell well south of this but who knows - if there a couple of bidders with budgets, and whose priority is a “pretty” car they can just drive out the door, they might go head to head for it.
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