WTT: E30 M3 S50 Swap For CSL...


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Looking to trade my e30 m3 s50 swap for a csl/i....email me bmwfans52@gmail.com
let me quickly send this to Tim Ng to see if he wants to rescue the e30 m3 and return it to having an S14 in it. just kidding, i sold my e30 m3 and bought a coupe. you will find out that a coupe doesn't drive quite like the real m3 ... but they are cool. be sure to study some of the for sale posts on the forum to learn what to look for when buying one. don't think you'll get much of a csl for your e30 m3, but you might be able to find a cs or csi.

best of luck and share what you find with us.

scott perkins
former e30 m3 owner / sig member