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Zenith carburetor bakelite spacer: Pictures/PN reference for posterity

Luis A.

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In an effort to continue to demystify BMW's part numbers as it relates to what the part actually looks like, here are photos of a new bakelite spacer for the Zenith 35/40 INAT carburetors.

There are no less than 3 part numbers for the spacers: 13111265184 (pictured below), 13111260424 and 13111253035.

The orange books/blue binders tell us that 035 is for earlier models and show the chassis numbers cutoff. 424 and 184 continued forward with the former being designated for the 2.5(E9)/2500(E3) models and the latter for everything else: 2.8/2800/3.0. Confusingly, W&N sells 424 for all E9 and E3 models and shows a photo of it which as far as I can tell looks exactly like the 184s I bought.

I primarily purchased them to obtain a definitive seal via the O-ring on the idle circuit and eliminate that variable as I completely rebuild engine and carbs. Not as easy as it sounds to drill (mill) a flat-bottomed hole half the depth of a specific size o-ring and have it all seal on both sides, unless you have suitable equipment (a Haas TM-2P would do...). At least not without spending more than the $38 (before discounts) each spacer costs.

The pictures below show the 184 (why a Mini logo?!) and the original from my '73 3.0CS (Euro). The only difference is an extra hole on the new one which is superfluous on my Zeniths.