1. Sharkie

    Hello from Western Canada

    Hello I am a long lime BMW owner, mostly E30s but lately i have been given a project to complete. Its a 1968 2000ca and it needs a bit of finesse to get it to the completion stage. It belongs to the owner of the Auto group i work for and has been a long term project from the 90s onward. Its a...
  2. zinz

    stunning 2000ca in Germany

    NMNA... just a stunning car, though. Proper raised-letter Roundels would have been nice, but wow... rare hubcaps and the interior is so nice... Crazy money. I can't swipe a picture from the site, but here's the link... you won't be disappointed...
  3. JimmyJamesee

    New (returning) member: 1966 2000 c

    Hello all. I wanted to introduce myself. My name is James Laray from Northern Virginia (USA) and I am restoring a 66 2000 c. This is going to be a "ground up/frame off" resto on a rotisserie. I was a member of the forum from 1997 - 2002 at which time I owned a 2800cs (which I regrettably...
  4. J

    '67 2000CA complete just needs to be completed

    I am moving and need to sell my restoration project of 1967 2000ca its not far from completion, have all of the parts. Its in need of a good home before i put it up on Ebay or Hemmings. - new paint - new carpets - seat re-uphostery, head liner - all new rubber seals - chrome all re done. -...
  5. C

    FS 2000cs parts - 3 complete coupes

    I have three rusty but complete 2000cs and have one completely apart so access to mechanical and electrical parts etc is immediate. Body panels will be iffy as these coupes have the classic rust problems of that era I.e. Rockers and upper strut mounts. Two complete sets of the original 14"...