1. H

    Hello from Brazil, with a 2800CS

    Hi everyone, About me: I'm Henderson , an "old bimmer"maniac. I always saw e9coupe.com when I was looking for things to my 2800CS 1971, and before that, when I was look for some picture in the Google. So now I could register myself here. In Brazil is very hard to keep (and to buy) olds BMWs...
  2. TG-2002-320i-328ci

    Very pretty '69 2800Cs in VA

    $12,750. A few years older than I would like, but it definitely piques my interest. http://www.sonsonic.com/e9/index.html
  3. carbuffs

    New owner of a 70 CS2800

    Hi, this is a quick intro from a new E9 owner. I have always loved the E9 body style but never had the time or inclination to track one down. I lucked into this car after a call from a friend and a quick "I'll take it". I am a dealer in Concord and I use to see this car nearly daily as it was...