5 speed

  1. billpatterson

    WTB Getrag 265 OD

    Hi there Forum! I am looking for a Getrag 5 spd OD. The one I have needs rebuilding and with how labor adds up, I am looking to replace it with another. All the best, Bill
  2. Michael Kaye

    5 Speed Gearbox Installation Questions

    Hi all. I’ve finally got hold of a good 5 speed Gearbox and Bell Housing from E23 728i for installation in my E9. I have the transmission mounting kit from CoupeKing and a hard to find seal/gasket. My car is a 74 and now that my mechanic is investigating installation, he has some...
  3. billpatterson

    Manual pedal box for '73 Bavaria

    Hi their Forum members! I am new to this forum but not to BMWs; I have had several over the decades and I am back at it; I recently purchased a very solid '73 Bavaria. It came to Alberta from California and it was stored for several years. So...I am beginning to collect a few bits and pieces for...
  4. mulberryworks

    Restoration of '70 2800CS 2270407

    So, it begins. I haven't rolled Hedwig into the garage quite yet, but I'm declaring my intentions to this little corner of the world on this Friday the 13th. I'll have a parallel thread on my own site that I'll list in the signature when I start those pages up. I'll list this restoration thread...