1. adawil2002

    A German Hot: Rod Joe Rodriguez's 3.5 CSL

    This is the story of how Joe Rodriguez & Jack Deren built the singularly awesome & spectacular Group 5 3.5CSL. I met Joe in 2015 at Lime Rock Fall Festival Sunday in the Park with this car becoming immediate friends. When we went out in the CSL, he nailed the gas, I was transformed a giggling...
  2. W

    1972 BMW E9 3.0L CSL - Side Mirror Location?

    Hello all! I'm contacting you from Creative Custom Cars in Dromana, Victoria, Australia. We are restoring a BMW CSL, December 1972 build. (I've attached two photos of the car for reference and interest). This build is concourse standard, to the finest detail honorable to factory and delivery...
  3. Michael Kaye

    CSL 'Batmobile' @ RM Sotheby Auction

    CSL 'Batmobile' coming up for auction in August by RM Sotheby's. No description yet on the website but a fair amount of pics. I have no interest/afflication with this car etc. NB This following link is from a...
  4. m73

    How many CSL's have you seen......

    With full ski-rack up in the mountains.... I wonder if experts can ID this car? Probably removed front air-dam for the snow -- not sure about the 'kid' or context of this photo but certainly interesting.....
  5. J

    Wanted: Real Series II Batmobile

    Hi all -- I am looking for a Series II Batmobile -- I know it's a big ask! I've been looking for a year, but have only come across the series one cars -- if you find anything, please email me at: jbeinhor [at] hotmail [dot] com Thank you so much! Excited to be part of this community. Best, Jeff
  6. m73

    All hail the 'Batmobile'

    Why not? Great picture
  7. B

    Martini Racing Group 2 Resurrection

    Anyone remember this car? It disappeared one day, was modified into a group 5 car, then turned into a street car.