1. Michael Kaye

    CSL 'Batmobile' @ RM Sotheby Auction

    CSL 'Batmobile' coming up for auction in August by RM Sotheby's. No description yet on the website but a fair amount of pics. I have no interest/afflication with this car etc. NB This following link is from a...
  2. m73

    How many CSL's have you seen......

    With full ski-rack up in the mountains.... I wonder if experts can ID this car? Probably removed front air-dam for the snow -- not sure about the 'kid' or context of this photo but certainly interesting.....
  3. J

    Wanted: Real Series II Batmobile

    Hi all -- I am looking for a Series II Batmobile -- I know it's a big ask! I've been looking for a year, but have only come across the series one cars -- if you find anything, please email me at: jbeinhor [at] hotmail [dot] com Thank you so much! Excited to be part of this community. Best, Jeff
  4. m73

    All hail the 'Batmobile'

    Why not? Great picture
  5. B

    Martini Racing Group 2 Resurrection

    Anyone remember this car? It disappeared one day, was modified into a group 5 car, then turned into a street car.