bmw e3

  1. ArVe

    WTB: E3 (68-71) windshield molding

    Hi everyone, Looking for a first series E3 windshield molding. Correct oem should be 51311814611 for I series and 51311828248 for II series. The second series molding is different as far as i know. Have seen for sale newer version molding but never an older version. Any ideas or hints where...
  2. D

    Engine ID Help - 72' Bav

    Hey guys, New to the forums, I have a 72' Bavaria, and I'm having trouble id'ing the engine. I can about confused after an oil change, and the filter not fitting. The Filter was a tad too big diameter wise, and the oil filter housing in a bolt in from the top (which I like anyways.)...
  3. D

    Hello From Sunny Florida

    Hello, New member to the group. Like to introduce myself and my car, my 1972 Bavaria. I saved her not too long ago from a gentleman yard. It ran, and I got her home about two hours from Tallahassee. I then got home and the alternator pulley fell off. So far, I've been able to replace the...
  4. D

    Another SoCal E3!

    Hey Guys, I had the pleasure or meeting a few of the forum members last week at Cars and Coffee Irvine. My name is Drew Cuddy and I'm a 25 year old Canadian transplant living between Orange County and Santa Barbara. As of November 5 I became the proud (2nd) owner of an Atlantik Blue '72...