bmw e9

  1. B

    1973 BMW 3.0CS with E46 M3 Drivetrain SoCal

    Just saw this today. Looks good to me. I’m wondering what the rest of you think. I have no connection with the seller, nor am I thinking of purchasing (darn it!). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. D

    Beautiful! 1971 BMW 2800csa E9 in Las Vegas

    1971 BMW 2800csa E9 coupe with no sunroof Mileage is 107k miles. Really sad to say goodbye but I need to sell my beloved 1971 BMW 2800csa E9 thats been with me for over 5 years. Originally delivered April 1971 to...
  3. Jean Luc

    Queqlues une des restauration en France

    Some of the restoration in France on BmwOldSchool site. Had which I am the founder Quelques une des restaurations en France sur le site BmwOldSchool .eu dont je suis le fondateur
  4. H

    Hello from Brazil, with a 2800CS

    Hi everyone, About me: I'm Henderson , an "old bimmer"maniac. I always saw when I was looking for things to my 2800CS 1971, and before that, when I was look for some picture in the Google. So now I could register myself here. In Brazil is very hard to keep (and to buy) olds BMWs...
  5. autobahn

    My 1972 CS project...

    Why finish one project when you can start another. That has been my motto with this car. It has been 10+ years and it's still not done. The past two months I have found some new energy to pump into this little sucker. We will see if I can have it done sometime this summer. They are hell...
  6. CSL177

    Two 2000CS $1000 OBO

    Two 2000CS $1000 OBO: SOLD Thanks, cars are sold.