1. m73

    Shift Decals (new designs + black style for dashboard aluminum)

    Its been a while since I have contacted this group but I have a few new shift decals to share with you all... In addition to the (standard) e9 style I have added the following: - (Retro) based on 503/Isetta design -- these have the bubble around them - (Motorsport) based on BMW M1 pattern -...
  2. m73

    Interior Decals (AC, HVAC, Shift, etc...)

    If you see any decal on this picture you need please reach out via PM. I have more pictures + instructions for anyone seriously interested & please feel free to ask questions. Thanks, Mo Faraz
  3. m73

    Seat belt, Fasten belts, Brake(!) decals

    I custom made these for another project and wanted to share them here: $12/kit + shipping 1) 'Press' decal (pair) -- will fit any smooth belt button 2) 'Fasten belts' kit (5 decals total) Pen is there to help show scale -- PM if interested/need more information. Thanks, Mo
  4. m73

    All Interior Decals 15% Off thru end of May

    To share my appreciation with e9 owners (especially past customers) -- I have created a special 15% discount on all products for forum members thru May 31. Please use code '15BMWE9' at checkout + a huge thanks for your support. Regards, Mo Faraz
  5. m73

    Choke decal

    Not for an e9 but this is the exact size and shape for 'manual choke' BMW's $9/ea including shipping -- I made only a handful of these but not many needed. -Mo
  6. m73

    Black Shift Decals....Only 1-of-each

    $12/ea including shipping (only 1-of-each available....) Black ones do not have alignment arrows + I also have white decals too -- Let me know if you are interested -Mo Comparison:
  7. m73

    Gold or Silver Shift Decals

    $12/ea includes shipping -- Please see pictures for installed on leather (resiliency) + an image of silver shift decal installed on white paper to show the actual color. I also have (white) decals so please ask -- silver is very hard to photograph but will look great once installed. I have...
  8. m73

    Custom (Black) Decals for Interior

    I am working on new (Black) decals and wanted to check if anyone needed a custom decal made: - Custom shape - Custom lettering I have attached an example of each and please feel free to ask questions. I can make suggestions and have all the information you need to complete a custom project...
  9. m73

    Shift Decal + LSD Stencil $20

    Choose your shifting pattern + LSD Stencil as a pair for a special price $20/shipped 4-speed 5-speed (dogleg) 5-speed (overdrive) Who is interested? PM for payment info. Thanks, Mo
  10. m73

    Oil Decal Kits -- white or black ($30/pair)

    Choose from (white) pair or (black) pair -- $30/pair including shipping Decal length shown for scale -- these fit all 50mm+ guages PM if you are interested to buy. Thanks, - Mo
  11. m73

    Wiper/Turn Signal Lever Decals

    I made these a while back for an owner and have a few extra for sale. I know the original is raised/inset into the stalk but if yours is smooth these are an exact replica. Shoot a little clear-coat on them and you have a durable original look. $15/ea includes shipping and I will confirm...
  12. m73

    CS Registry Decal -- Sold

    I have one of these beautiful decals Steve re-made for the CS registry. Actual decal is 3" wide by 3.5" tall (new & untouched) Sold -- Mo Sold
  13. m73

    6-speed shift decal

    I have custom made a 6-speed shift decal for BMW 2002 and suppose I can do the same for any ambitious coupe owner out there :) This would also be a good opportunity to let everyone know I will be offering custom decals regardless of the size or scope of project -- so yes you can get decals for...
  14. m73

    Dashboard knob decals (set of 3)

    I am also selling dashboard knob decals for the exact amount you will need for your coupe -- Sold as a kit of (3) $11/set includes postage and I will confirm payment + shipping for buyers. PM me to buy, instructions and pictures attached, Thanks, Mo
  15. m73

    Radio Button Decal Kit (set of 4)

    For your tunes gentleman.... I now have decals in 2 different designs for tuning and volume control -- Sold as a kit of (4) $12/set includes postage and I will confirm payment + shipping for buyers. PM me to buy, instructions and pictures attached, Thanks, Mo
  16. m73

    AC Knob kit -- buttons only

    If anyone is interested I have made AC knob decals in 2 different designs for sale as a kit of (4) decals. $12/set includes postage and I will confirm payment + shipping for buyers. PM me to buy, instructions and pictures attached, Thanks, Mo
  17. m73

    Heater Panel Decals/AC/Wash + Wipe Stalk

    Please let me know if there is more interest in any of the decals pictured. Note -- there are only 2 sets of the 'diamond' heater symbols left and 5 sets of Wash/Wipe stalk decals (only 1 pictured). Cost is $10/ea including shipping or $18/ea for AC decals in both German or US lettering. PM...
  18. m73

    Leftover Festorics Decals

    Just found another pair of decals-- now for sale-- who wants one? These are for behind glass $5 each including shipping PayPal: [email protected] I will confirm payment & shipping for buyer(s) Thanks, Mo
  19. m73

    Euro Button Dash Decal Sets ($10ea)

    Selling extra dash decal sets I have accumulated-- $10ea set w/free tracked shipping-- Who is interested? PayPal: [email protected] I will send USPS tracking # when payment is confirmed. Best, Mo
  20. m73

    3x 'Festorics' window decal(s)

    I just found 3 extra 2016 Festorics decals if anyone here is interested in buying. $5 each + postage stamp PayPal: [email protected] Shoot me a PM for payment + shipping confirmation(s) Thanks, Mo