1. m73

    2X Bav's in AZ (Facebook) $2500 NMNA

    Owner appears to be on the E3 page on Facebook. Pics attached -- Ad listing below: "Two 1972 bavarias for sale Both are fjord blue, blue cloth interior Located in Arizona. One is a rust free original AZ car, other has some rust but much better condition interior than the other. Between the...
  2. m73

    Has this coupe been discussed?

    Seems like a great deal and members here should know Tom. I am not posting details or other names to be respectful of the sale & or circumstances. This is an interesting car to follow if the price is actually 20K -- seems like a solid project & wonder who knows more about it? Maybe there is...
  3. m73

    Nice wheels.....Campy's?

    Also from Thailand -- great look IMHO. Thoughts?
  4. m73

    e9 sweetness....

    What's sweeter than up-close beauty shots of an e9? Well probably should call them 'outstanding artistic portrait snapshots' -- These would look outstanding framed on a wall....NMNA & I don't know where to get them (but they are Australian based) & yes black 5 slat grille on the white one :) -Mo
  5. S

    Selling My 1974 3.0 CS Fjord

    I am selling my 1974 Fjord 3.0cs to make some room and I'd like some pricing input from the forum. As much as I have loved this car I have my eye on a 911 Turbo and my enthusiasm to complete the project has waned. This car is located in the Napa Valley. Sean Casey of Casey Motorsports...