1. billpatterson

    WTB Getrag 265 OD

    Hi there Forum! I am looking for a Getrag 5 spd OD. The one I have needs rebuilding and with how labor adds up, I am looking to replace it with another. All the best, Bill
  2. E

    WTB Getrag 265

    Hi. I'm new here, so im glad to say Hello. I'm looking for Getrag 265 gearbox in good condition. Preferably with selector mechanism. Im from Poland so im looking mostly in Europe.
  3. m73

    M5 Getrag 280 (NMNA)

    Posted on Facebook e28 page: $1500 w/local pickup in SD Might be worth a look for SoCal folks, not really sure about the fitment or condition (advertised @130K documented miles so.....) -M
  4. B

    Getrag 265 transmission rebuild

    So I bought a used 5 speed from a guy on the Left Coast a couple of years ago and had it installed. He thought it had maybe 140,000 miles on it and I've probably added at least another 25,000. It's worked fine so far (got us to Pebble Beach and back) but it's getting increasingly stiff to put...