1. Markos

    Question for members with Stahl headers

    Hi Folks, I need to weld some 02 sensor bungs onto my Stahl headers. I'm thinking that cylinder #1 and #4 should do it. I only plan to run a single sensor but it will be nice to have the second during tuning. Would you be willing to check clearance against the inner fender and firewall and let...
  2. naccer

    E3 headers

    I've posted a few times about the thermal reactors on my project 3.0Si. Decided to replace with these headers. If anyone needs a set they have them. http://www.proverbialmotorsports.com/#!featured-items/c12cc
  3. E9Wayne

    FS: Used 1 3/8 Stahl Headers for E9 & stock exhaust system

    Hi All; I purchased these a few weeks ago thinking they were 1 1/2" diameter primary tube diameter for my 3.5L high compression motor. They are 1 3/8" primary tube diameter which is better for a 2800 or 3.0CS engine, especially compared to the stock exhaust manifolds. I'm installing the...
  4. E9Wayne

    B35 exhaust manifolds or headers for high compression B34

    My recently completed B34 piano piston motor upgrade coupled with motronic 1.3 and L-jet intake manifolding has gone well overall. With a Dinan chip installed (from a 1989 USA 635CSi) she should be putting out about 240 hp but I'm convinced the stock M30 exhaust system is really holding things...