1. E

    M30B32 + carbs?

    Hello gentlemen, I have posted a thread here before asking about couple of engine options for my bavaria 2800. However, I ended up getting an m30b32 for good price because the b35s deals did not work. The guy I...
  2. Bmachine

    How to test the fuel gauge?

    I'm having some issues with my fuel gauge. When I fill the tank up, the needle stops before the top of the scale. Then when it goes down towards the reserve (red), indicating almost empty, and I fill it up, I can only put about 7 gallons in there before the tank is full. So... 1) When the...
  3. B

    Picture Request: Accel ball & socket linkage to cable style linkage

    For all of you that have done later engine swaps that kept the Motronic era intake manifolds, I was hoping to see some of the creative setups you use for the accelerator pedal linkage.
  4. M

    M30b34 conversion won't idle

    Hi all! I transplanted a M30b34 Ser#5550551 into a 1973 e9 CSA #2232522 and have not been able to get it to idle. It starts on the cold start valve OK, then will only run above 1300rpm with throttle partially open. It will only run briefly on the idle circuit between 750 and 900 rpm when...
  5. autobahn

    My 1972 CS project...

    Why finish one project when you can start another. That has been my motto with this car. It has been 10+ years and it's still not done. The past two months I have found some new energy to pump into this little sucker. We will see if I can have it done sometime this summer. They are hell...