1. m73

    Could you imagine?

    This is an Alfa and Diorama no less but image this in real life with an e9 :oops:
  2. m73

    Paul Baker Facebook Page

    Just an FYI to those interested....I just stumbled onto Paul Baker's Facebook page and it has some nice pictures for would-be restorers. Hope it is OK with Paul to share his work but there are too many pictures for me to post -- maybe someone here can figure it out -- a sample:
  3. Haseeb

    Huge Issue (Frame Rust)

    Got a 72 Bavaria a couple weeks ago. This was my first time ever buying an older car so I didn't really know there was frame rust until a friend pointed it out today and it looks pretty bad. I really do like my Bav but I have no idea what to with it now. I don't exactly have a lot of money, I...
  4. m73

    What lies beneath....

    If anyone wants a closer look at where all that rust it is :) Appears to no longer have corrosion -- emphasis on 'appears' -Mo
  5. G

    Thank God for rust holes!

    Who is this newbie you are wondering...He must be crazy!... Please allow me to explain before you write me off. I purchased the rhd 2800csa from my girlfriends dad, more than 30 years ago. He was a classic car enthusiast, and had just driven it back to London from Scotland. On giving the car a...