1. M

    Front seat re-stuff – advice needed

    I am having the front seat bottoms rebuilt, the horsehair is starting to come apart I am having an experienced upholster do the work, but I think horsehair is a new item for him Can someone tell me in detail what to replace it with, foam over carpet pad maybe? How thick of foam should I use...
  2. Matthieu

    Purchasing blue seats velour cloth

    Hi all, I am looking for blue cloth in order to restore the seats of my 3.0 CS. (2 rear seats and 2 front seats) The seats are in blue velour (2 shades of blue). I am now searching for the same cloth. Does anyone know where I can buy it in Europe (France, Germany, ...) I post a picture of...
  3. thelatestcraze

    Front Seat Decorative Chrome Strip

    Hi there. This is a bit of a long shot, but I was just wondering if anyone is selling or knows where I could buy the decorative chrome strip for the front seats of an E9 (Part No: 52101811716). I sent my seats to a re-trimmer but he took my money and failed to do any work on them. After one and...
  4. Hummerbeats

    Interior Retrimming

    Hi Guys, I am looking to get my seats Retrimmed in leather and also get the headliner redone. Does anyone know if any good interior companies in the London area, east London area? Ones I have found so far are Btrim and Qtrim Cheers
  5. C

    What model are these Scheels? It looks like someone put Scheel Sport seats in their Suburban. Would these fit a coupe? The man selling them said the numbers on the sticker are: 7257, and 90040
  6. mario1017

    seat options

    so i finally obtained a set of seats from a very nice member here I was wondering what i should use to recover these two.:?: I have a white car right now, which was originally ceylon gold. The interior I believe was originally tan cloth with black door cards. ?? Here is what I plan on...
  7. mario1017

    parts wanted, any help/ leads appreciated

    Hello everyone, I want to first off say that I am impressed with the knowledge and passion that is evident in these forums!! Everyone on here is very cool. I was going to sell this e9 that I got earlier this summer, but lack of interest in the car and what I needed to get out of it was too...
  8. bimmerboy73

    Fitting E24 seats (rear) and e21 fronts (recaros)

    Hello all, Just wanted to start yet another thread on fitting the rear seats from the e24 and the fronts from an e21. I've done a lot of digging around on the topic and finally decided to bite the bullet and give it a try. Quite a few members have posted their experiences regarding the swap...