1. Markos

    Consolidated Notes: E3/E9 Headlamp Washer System

    Hi Folks, As of late I have been attempting to better understand how the E3/E9 headlight wiper system works. I need to put together the plumbing and electrical for my wipers. I’ve talked to several folks including a sales contact in Germany, Nicad, Luis A., Carl at La Jolla, and Brucey over on...
  2. gte619n

    Wiper Alternatives

    Hey guys, So I've done some searching on the forums but I can't seem to find any discussions related to alternative wiper solutions. Here's where I'm at: 1. I'm missing the passenger wiper. 2. The driver wiper is not in great shape. 3. Spindles on the armature don't look super good. 4...
  3. 7

    E9 Wiper motor is finicky

    What does this sound like? My wiper motor only works on intermmtant, not continuous. I have changed out the switch and get the same result. I feel its the motor but wondered if anyone had a stronger feeling than that. Much appreciated Mark
  4. decampos

    Wipers spline dilema

    Gosh I need some help. Attempting to remove the wiper arms of my car (during the stripdown before a respray), they were seized to the splines and both the arms and the splines were damaged. I bought new pivots from the BMW classic parts division (see diagram). The the new splines...