1972 3.0csi project / parts $3,000 OBO


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Hi Everyone,
Posted this last year, continued to dump money into it, and have lost interest.
I've decided to sell this, and buy a really nice coupe. I just dont have the time. I am open to any reasonable offer. I need it gone. I don't want to part it because that will leave me with a shell and still no garage space.
there are two galleries of this car. one from last year and a more recent one. the black seat is not included, it was a friends.
Basically I need the garage space. It's pretty crispy in the floors and front fenders. Solid rear shock towers. Ok fronts. It has AC. It is missing beltline trim and the rear bumper.
It's got a solid roof, no sunroof. Good glass. Manual front windows, power rear. I bought a set of seats from a member here. Tan 3.0cs cloth seats with brown backs. In ok shape. I also bought a set of carbs since I could not find an ECU for the original FI. I bought a some roundels and other misc. stuff. Pictures show most of the bad spots. It could be a good looking driver as long as you keep the shiny side up. I took the gas tank out and had it cleaned and repaired at a radiator shop. What it needs to get running... 1. new fuel lines. 2. carbs put on or FI ECU and harness. 3. Im sure all the brakes need to be gone through. 4. Who know what else??
Tires are in ok shape and the wheels should clean up.
vin # 2262540
when new, delivered to austria. delivered on june 22nd 1972 to dealer. car was originally stored in california, trailered back to wisconsin by a relative after the house was sold. bought from relative of first or second owner.
Feel free to call me 414-736-3372
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dave v. in nc

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North Carolina, USA
formerly ceylon...

I hate to be brutally honest, but I have been where you are. While looking at the pictures, like many interested folks, I always play a game of whats good whats bad what do I need is it a car or a packaged lot of (some) usuable parts...then the game of what would it cost to get it here and will she divorce me...With your car I kept hearing Neil Young...Needle and the Damage Done, and Heart of Gold (Ceylon). I don't think that the car is worth selling. By that I mean this...If I were 2 hours away and wanted the car, the most that I would offer is $1K (I have one a little more complete, and original that I paid just that $1K for), and thats with me or a friend towing (i.e., "free" shipping). So if you find this new coupe in good shape, is it worth the $1K towards the new car, or should you keep this car and evaluate the "good" one. Maybe the tailights have pitted chrome and the Ceylon car's look good for a swap. You just saved $150+ dollars. Now it is an $850 car. Same for front grilles. Ditto on the front bumper, perhaps, and once you have cannabalized what is the best, dump the rusty shell. RIP. I have to qualify my thoughts with the fact that I have not seen the car in person, but it also doesn't go, nor stop, have a rear bumper or the trim. And it is pretty crusty. Like I said, I have one of those. As to the garage situation, and your less than dry, warm winter climate, can you find a friend with some space until you find the new car? I guess that what I am saying is that I don't see anyone that would buy your car to restore as a car; and as a parts car, I would try to keep it. Good luck with whatever you decide.


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That is so funny. I just went back and for whatever reason the listings were from oldest to newest which is never the case. Anyway, thank you for responding.