1. hardtosee_e3

    Greetings from a longtime BMW enthusiast with a new E3 project..

    Thank you for welcoming me to your community! Excited to learn from you all, and to soon be driving the newest addition to my stable on public roads.. My BMW History I've owned more than a handful of BMWs throughout the years, from a few ETA E30s to an ix, to an E36 M3/4/5, an E46 xi wagon...
  2. B

    1967 BMW 2000C For Sale-$7500 obo

    Hello All, I am looking to sell my 1967 BMW 2000C “project”. I’ll try to keep the explanation short. I purchased the car online in 2013 from a seller in the Northwest with the intent to restore the car. When I was ready to restore the car, I turned the car over to a restorer (introduced through...
  3. B

    My 1974 CSI Project

    Hi guys, This is my 1974 3.0 csi. I bought it about 6 years ago and I have said every year so far that I will start working on it now soon...
  4. m73

    Has this coupe been discussed?

    Seems like a great deal and members here should know Tom. I am not posting details or other names to be respectful of the sale & or circumstances. This is an interesting car to follow if the price is actually 20K -- seems like a solid project & wonder who knows more about it? Maybe there is...
  5. mario1017

    1972 3.0csi project / parts $3,000 OBO

    Hi Everyone, Posted this last year, continued to dump money into it, and have lost interest. I've decided to sell this, and buy a really nice coupe. I just dont have the time. I am open to any reasonable offer. I need it gone. I don't want to part it because that will leave me with a shell...
  6. A

    New on Forum - 1972 3.0 CS project, Spare Parts Info needed

    Hi there, i am new on the forum and would need all help possible to my project. I always loved this car and now i have the opportunity to buy one, but the task is daunting as i am not a mechanic. At this day i am negotiating with the buyer, saw the car only once very quickly. In a few...
  7. A

    New on Forum - 1972 3.0 CS Project, Parts, Info needed

    I have moved this thread into general discussion
  8. D

    Wanted: 1972 3.0CS Euro to Restore

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a European 1972 3.0CS to restore (happy for a CSi or CSL but doubt I'll find one). I have a top notch panel guy, so I don't care about bad body work. Rust is a problem, but dents and paint work is easy for me to fix. I plan on doing a full re-trim of the seats and...