1. mario1017

    1972 3.0csi project / parts $3,000 OBO

    Hi Everyone, Posted this last year, continued to dump money into it, and have lost interest. I've decided to sell this, and buy a really nice coupe. I just dont have the time. I am open to any reasonable offer. I need it gone. I don't want to part it because that will leave me with a shell...
  2. A

    New on Forum - 1972 3.0 CS project, Spare Parts Info needed

    Hi there, i am new on the forum and would need all help possible to my project. I always loved this car and now i have the opportunity to buy one, but the task is daunting as i am not a mechanic. At this day i am negotiating with the buyer, saw the car only once very quickly. In a few...
  3. A

    New on Forum - 1972 3.0 CS Project, Parts, Info needed

    I have moved this thread into general discussion
  4. D

    Wanted: 1972 3.0CS Euro to Restore

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a European 1972 3.0CS to restore (happy for a CSi or CSL but doubt I'll find one). I have a top notch panel guy, so I don't care about bad body work. Rust is a problem, but dents and paint work is easy for me to fix. I plan on doing a full re-trim of the seats and...