BaT: Euro 1973 BMW 3.0CSi 5-Speed


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Port St Joe, Florida
Good luck to the buyer of this car, he/she and somebody else really wanted it, so good for all.

I made a comment recently on a 2002 Turbo for Sports car market and it applies to many wanted BMWs of late.

We have reached that magic point in collecting, please understand its merely a generalization, but like all history it teaches us the future "people that know these cars can no longer afford them and people that can afford them, don't know them - yet" .

We have seen this many many times over the years - a beautiful car is worth a handful of beans and none of the big collectors care, all the knowledge is with people who truly care and can afford a handful of beans.

The big collectors come along, make some mistakes for many different reasons, but one is, they dont know where the knowledge sits. Like all the other cars, eventually they find out the facts and search out the experts, in private sales as Chris mentioned above, we are starting to see that evolution.

Nothing new here guys, just history repeating itself
Let me add that this phenomenon isn’t unique to collectible cars, it’s universal. When anything becomes cool and collectible, the rich and privileged discover it and drive prices up and out of reach. Art is a great example.