Coupe Wiring and Relays

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This Thread will attempt to display the wiring legends, diagrams and relays for both euro and US versions with photos and descriptions.

2800CS Early (Feb and Jun 1970)

2800CS Relays.jpg

1) Wiper Delay: brown/black (2), green/black (2), black

2) Wiper Changeover: green/black (2), brown/red, black (2), black/violet, brown (2)

3) Load Shed (for headlights and heater blower): red, green/red, green, brown (2)

2800CS Late (Mar 1971)

Mar 71 2800CS wiper and load.jpg

Mar 71 2800CS wiper wire 1.jpg

Mar 71 2800CS wiper wire 2.jpg

Mar 71 2800CS wiper relay.jpeg

Wiper Relay: green/black (2), brown/red, black/violet, black, brown (2), brown/black (2)
Load Shed: red, green, green/red, brown (2)

Mar 71 2800CS hazard.jpg

2800CS US/NA Market Fuse Sticker


3.0CS Early

3.0CS Late
(May 1973 with window circuit breakers)

Relay 1 Wiper.JPG

black/blue, black/red, violet/black, black, brown/black (2), brown/red, brown (2)

3.0CS Late (Aug 1973, Euro)

3.0CS 73 Euro Luis.jpg


74 Underdash Relays.jpg

74 Auto Relays 2.jpg

Low Beam: yellow, yellow/white, red (2), brown
Window 115: green/red, brown (2), red (2), green (Activates all window motors when ignition key on)
Window 114: green/red (2), red (3), brown/black (Activates front window motors when driver door opened)
Wiper: brown/red, violet/black, black, brown/black, black/red, black/blue, brown (3)
Load shed: red (2), brown (3), green (2), green/violet
Automatic: black (4), brown/black

2.5CS Late (manual windows, automatic)

2.5CS Relays.jpg

(coming soon)


  • 2800CS US Wiring Legend & Diagrams.pdf
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  • 72-73 3.0CS USA Wiring Diagram.pdf
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  • 72-73 3.0CS USA Wiring Legend.jpg
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  • 74 3.0CS Wiring Diagram.pdf
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This is how my car's relays are arranged (Aug '73 build; Euro).

From left to right:
1st: Windshield wipers relay (large one).
2nd: Load shedding relay (38 in my schematic).
3rd: Was empty (114) on my car as front windows are manual thus the door switch wiring to allow windows to open isn't needed so I rewired the existing socket and added a relay for the low beams to unload both the ignition and headlight switches from carrying that heavy current load.
4th: Relay 115, load shedding for electric windows


The relay arrangements in this area seem to be varied.
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Great resource on relays and labeling also helps.
Would you have anything on 74 3.0 cs automatic? I just bought one and found a second line coming from the transmission expansion tank loose and don't know whwere it goes. The other line in connected to the trans dipstick tube.