E9 - Color placement - what color goes where?


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E9 - color placement - what color goes where?
The main premise of this thread is to get things painted correctly, if you are striving for the look of originality. I am sure there will be some debate about certain items, and that discussion helps us all have better examples. So this is a work-in-progress. I have been collaborating with our friends HB Chris and Markos.
These items - body color
1. All topside panels welded to the body
2. doors, hood + trunk
3. Inner wheel wells
4. gas flap and hinge
These items - body color with schutz (texture)
1. Lower front valence - below chin panel (below bumper) follows indent line
2. Lower rear valence (below the centerline of the bumper) - follow the inset line
These items - painted satin black with schutz (texture)
1. Rocker panel covers
These items - painted satin black
1. Bumper brackets
2. cover panels within wheel wells
These items - painted sign painters' lettering enamel 154-L peacock blue or 153L process blue
or blend of Testor's 1108 light blue and 1110 blue - rgb (0, 138, 201)
1. Roundel Blue
These items - Testor's 1145 white
1. Roundel White
These items - Testor's 1147 Black (semi gloss)
1. Roundel Black
These items - body color
1. all items welded to the body, including fixed radiator mounts1.
2. hood
3. head light access covers
4. hood support / bracket arms and bolts
5. hinges + hinge bolts
These items - satin black
1. Radiator
2. Radiator side bracket (removable)
3. Brake Booster and mount
4. Wiper Motor and mounting bracket
5. PS pump
6. PS reservoir body & cap
7. Hydraulic Steering box
8. A/C muffler and drier
9. Heater intake cover
10. Hood latching catches
11. Metal Coolant overflow tank
12. Plastic plug at hood release cable
These items - warm grey with green tint (RAL 7043) - close, but not perfect
1. Air cleaner
These items - warm grey with green tint (RAL 7022) - close, but not perfect
1. Csi airbox
These items - dark gray with greenish tint (RAL )
1. Subframe
2. Strut housings
These items - painted Tamiya Color code TS-34 Camel Yellow
1. Dipstick hoop
These items - yellow zinc
1. Hood light activation bracket
These items - not painted / clear zinc
1. Hood latches
2. Strut top bolts
3. Wind shield wiper pushrod arms

These items - body color
1. all items welded to the body
2. trunk lid
3. torsion bars, support arms and bolts
4. hinges + hinge bolts
5. trunk stop brackets
These items - satin black
1. torsion bar clips
2. gas tank
3. gas filler pipe
4. spare tire hold down bracket
These items - not painted (clear zinc finish)
1. Trunk latch
2. Trunk latch mounting bolts
3. Trunk lid catch
4. Spare tire nut
Trunk trim - painted SEM Storm Gray
1. Elephant skin trunk panels and floor boards
2. Tool box
3. Taillight covers
Trunk trim - painted SEM Ranger White
1. Panel edge trim
These items - body color
1. All visible body metal welded to the body
2. door hinges
These items - painted satin black
1. removable metal panels below windows (that wood mounts to)
2. Hand brake lever + bracket
3. door break (flat) rod
4. Steering wheel hub
5. exposed portions of steering column
These items - krinkle black
1. Metal steering column covers
2. instrument surrounds
These items - unfinshed (clear zinc)
1. door hinge bolts / screws
2. door latch
3. front seat sliders and lever control
Trim pieces - painted SEM Satin Black (or Landau Black)
1. Dash
2. Dash instrument binacle
3. Dash Grab rail
4. Glove boxes
5. Underdash panels
6. Console sides
7. Dash top vinyl
8. Vinyl trim above wood (doors + rear)
9. Grab handle (rear seat)
Trim pieces - painted interior color
1. Kick panels (if not leather)
2. Door + Rear Side panels (if not leather)
3. Door pulls
4. Rear armrests (if not leather)
5. Welts between door panel and door
Trim pieces - painted SEM ranger white
1. Headliner
2. Headliner molded panel
3. Sunvisors


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put all this in a spreadsheet so I could sort what things I needed to paint in what colour when taking to the powder coaters. Paying it forward and copying it here is its any use as the list was very helpful to me.


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