Help me out guys.. City Pack advice


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Condition of body and rare CSL parts to me, is more important than #s matching.

If the body stamp and VIN plaques all match, then you're golden.

Stupid "#s matching" became popular when you couldn't verify a 427 corvette from a 327 corvette, or a 66 Mustang GT K-code vs a A-code because that info was not in the VIN.


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CSLs of this type had their own unique engine specification so there is a range of "correctness" that is up to you to reconcile. A CSI engine, an engine out of another injected CSL or matching numbers each have different value points. Good luck!


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Tasmania, Australia
Thought I should post an update from sunny Western Australia.
Spent the entire afternoon a couple of days ago with the present owner and the car. He's a really nice (and honest) guy who appears to only want two things:

1. a fair price;
2. to sell to somebody that appreciates and understands the car and will restore it properly;

Having spent a lot of time going over it I'm of the view the car has a lot going for it as a restoration project but it does have the usual CSL issues.
The outer sills will need replacement, along with some work to the base of the A & C pillars. The fender boxes are also in a bad way but the shock towers are solid.
The boot and all the floors are also solid with light surface rust only.
Despite sitting for 32 years the motor turns over and I'm confident it will re-start without too much effort.
Interior is all original in in good condition only needing minor repairs.
There are also some spare parts that come with the car, both CSL and CS.

I've agreed to buy the car and he's agreed to sell at the price agreed.
There is still some issues to work through as I need to get the car 4000km home to Tasmania. We will probably do this via a 20ft shipping container.
Ideally we can close the deal during the next week.

I'd like to thank everyone for their sage advice and support during my negotiations.
Once the money has changed hands and the car is on it's way to my house I'll create a new restoration thread.