Is the ALPINA original mark on the E9 CSL from YouTube?

And I'm curious to learn about the distributor shield:

Wasn’t that a standard radio interference shield?
Eastsidem3, thanks for the information, it basically confirms how I was thinking.

My question is , given the Barbasal car was prepared by Alpina for roadgoing use, should that stripe pattern be considered as "original" and period correct as the clearly period correct "bmw alpina" logo sitting alone on the front quarter?
I think Alpina created all kinds of stuff for press cars. In the Thomas Mueller book you can see some crazy stripes on e12’s and other cars, but for customers and builds they would offer for sale they usually stuck with the standard BMW ALPINA logo.
The Barbasol car was tested with carbs, butterfly injection and slide throttle injection. It was owned by a long time Alpina mechanic and is now being restored in Germany by a collector who in my opinion has the best e9 collection in the world.
BB was all about image and how his cars appeared. They called him the master of marketing and the schnitzer brothers the masters of engineering. BB made sure all his cars always looked top notch and was the one to apply the decals to his race cars. Here some images from the Mueller book where you can see they wanted their cars to stand out at events. He called his orange and black 2002 race cars the little tigers.


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the treatment on the side and in particular bonnet is a unique "iconography" by alpina.. maybe they did it first based on the bonnet bulge on the 525... unlike staight stipes down the middle of the car (think ford) it is unique to the bmw architecture.
Its my car. Its one of the earliest B2-S 245HP conversions at Alpina in 71. I have all the build sheets and its documented with hercules filters not the air box. At this time they only had the earlier version of air box for the CSL which was a lightweight version with decal not the ones you see today in metal with the raised logos. Ive seen a few other e9's with my setup but very rare.
Yes originally a CSI converted at Alpina Kaufbeuren early in its life. I did add the side "CSL type" stripes and 16" Alpinas because they look better in my opinion. I still have the original early closed hole 14" Alpina wheels. When I purchased the car it did have the BMW ALPINA decals on the sides.
Alpina never put CSL Alpina stripes or CS Alpina stripes on any of their cars. Only BMW ALPINA on the sides of the hood, but to me a bit boring. The silver car of Carey Illda (injected CSL converted to B2-S pictured above), was the first to make them and we all copied.. The car was found in a rough state and was meticulously restored. Originally built for a Saudi Prince by Alpina, it somehow wound up in the states where Illda found and restored it and created those stripes..
LL-L502 B3 250HP car was a press car for Barbasol so those stripes were created for it. Only the two inka CSL's, the silver CSL and the Barbasol car pictured above, are "authentic" Alpina built CSL's. The others are non CSL's (white and blue car), or Alpina parts put on CSL's

there is an exact engine bay looking car, original alpina, in Spain, same air filters and logos
My homemade custom stripes for my 3.0 B2-S Alpina from Heidegger
Eastside m3, can i check, are those scheel 203 seats? I found a pair of 203's years ago down here in australia, as they were fitted to some holdens. I never realised they were an alpina option for our cars until recently.
I think thats the purpose but I’ve never seen one on a bosch distributor
Wasn’t that a standard radio interference shield?

It was a special equipment for radio installation, especially for poor reception or noisy audio during reception coming from ignition system.

I can provide more pictures on BMW Tool Section on this forum if you would be interested.