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My 1973 Csl


I wanna DRIVE!
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Vienna, VA
You know, I drove this today and enjoyed it more than the Grifo I bought that was supposed to replace it. Keep your eye out for a nice Series 2 Iso Grifo That May hit the market:))
And let's face it, hanging around with us is a lot cooler than hanging with those Grifo guys! I mean do they have a dude who can place his hands on your trunk and magically unstick it? And stop my car from misfiring? All in one fifteen minute rest stop?

Yeah, ok, he may not be so good about the whole kilometers per hour thing, but when we needed it, he whipped out some serious mojo.


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Saint Augustine, FL
I have you all beat! In 2016 I had the pleasure of driving Chris's car about 30 miles up the 101 in CA at a swift rate of speed. The speedometer read 190 and I told Chris I thought his gauge was off, wherein his comment was -"that's kilometers you idiot- now pull over, your driving time is done". (actually Chris is much kinder and more refined than to say it like that) BUT, driving that car was a memorable treat; besides driving like a new car I distinctly remember having to apply the brakes in a hurried fashion wherein the car slowed immediately from about the aforementioned 190 km to 60 mph ( I think around 95 KM) without a shudder, which was a very comforting feeling- knowing that I could slow so quickly makes for a more confident high speed drive.

Anyway, I'll not forget that day until my Alzheimers gets much worse, I thank you Chris for that and she's a perfect car that wants to be driven and often!

I wish I had more room in my garage (and more money in my bank) :cool:
And I had you In my rear view the entire time. A drive I also will never, ever forget! This is a car that needs to be driven, preferably angrily, and often!