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Uk csl

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Nice comments on the prices in the day gents and the conversion of currency, very helpful :)

I see somebody asked about weights of CSL's. Firstly, I have to qualify this by saying, specifications and additions or not will make a difference, sometimes a very big difference. Add to this some discussion about what is the correct unladen weights of a CSL.

Below are the figures I use for conversation, but there are some reporters in the day who would quote different numbers

Carb CSLs are about 2,568 Pounds. This is against 3,108 for a US CS or, 3,042 for a European CS. So, you are talking just over or just under a 500 pound saving on a 3,000 pound car, pretty substantial in my book. It seems many commentators/articles quote between 440Lbs and 600Lbs saving, so just above or below 500Lbs, is in the ballpark.

On City Pack cars and please as mentioned above, this is where the specification can become very different. As an example, the 169 carb cars did not have any protection on the underside of the body, trying to guess the weight of the underseal - good luck with that. I have seen quotes of 2,865 Lbs for a city pack car and other quotes of around a 240 Lbs saving, so was one compared to a US CS and one to a European, that would certainly make sense of these different numbers.