WTB a few small air intake parts


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Netherlands, Eindhoven area
see picture.

looking for parts:
#21: cable clamp (never noticed it by the way on any car pics)
#19; temperature sensor. I know W&N have then available new for 230 Euro, but hoping someone has one lying around (possibly when ditching their Zeniths?)
# 15: I'd like 1 original M6*30 marked "FHS 8.8"; my car was driving around with 7 of the 8 needed.... (this is stupid, i know but while we're at it)

if you have something available, pls let me know.


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So you will get it from me for free. It will be shipped with other parts soon.
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Aiken, SC
I have the clamp. Still looking for the sender; I think I have that too, but it may be a few days before I can do more searching.

That sender is probably a standard VDO item. If you know the operating parameters, and thread, you can buy the VDO item. I've done this with several of the senders in my car.

Here is my guess as to how that sender functions. Its primary purpose is to allow a cold start mechanism to operate until the engine reaches a specific operating temperature. At first, it allows the cold start function by preventing current flow (through the body of the sender). Then, as the engine warms up, current begins to flow through the sender, and the current flow or signal restricts the operation of the cold start circuit. Above a certain temperature, current flows freely to ground through the sender and this shuts off the cold start mechanism. This later funciton works while driving, and when starting an engine that is already warmed up.

So, assuming I have this right (and I may not), then something like this sender, which costs around $40, may work:

If I read this correctly, this sender begins to allow current flow once it senses a temperature above 70 degrees C, and allows more current flow as it heats up. Above 120 degrees C, it offers no resistance and allows full flow to ground. This fits with my understanding of how the sender in the diagram should operate. Obviously, you would need to confirm the thread and switch points in the original part to determine if this part would work, but it might be worth looking into.