1. ccr2002

    Twin turbo CS on BAT

  2. W

    What's it worth.... or.... What would you do?????

    Greetings all, I 've been a drooling, non-owning member for several years. I first fell in love with the 3.0 with Doug Nolans back at The Vintage in Winston-Salem back in 2012. I finally have a shot a one that has been sitting for the least last 6+ years. Thus far I have only been able to...
  3. FGS

    1973 3.0 CSi - A resto project

    Ok, I've just bought this piece of metal which looks like a 1973 CSi, in order to do a full restoration: Now I've some questions for you E9 gurus: Anyone knows the torques for head/rockers/rods and everything about the engine? When the car leaved the factory, how were the floors...
  4. mario csl giallo golf

    bmw e9 in Sicily

    Famiglia BMW cresce, si aggiungono due nuovi arrivati, csi e gs touning Targa Florio 1973
  5. carbuffs

    New owner of a 70 CS2800

    Hi, this is a quick intro from a new E9 owner. I have always loved the E9 body style but never had the time or inclination to track one down. I lucked into this car after a call from a friend and a quick "I'll take it". I am a dealer in Concord and I use to see this car nearly daily as it was...