1. 2k2tii

    3.0cs & Bavaria drive axle output half shaft

    Brand new, OEM BMW 2 drive axle output half shafts fits the following: *3.0cs *Bavaria *3.0csi *2800 *3.0s *2500 *2800cs part # 33211102423 2 retail for $1244.97 (see last pic) $900 + shipping
  2. ratso70

    Fjord 1975 3.0CSi

    Hi everyone, I think I'm finally ready to send one of my 3.0's down the road. This one is a 1975 3.0 CSi that I bought a couple of years ago. It was sitting in a garage in NJ since 1997 from the family that acquired it in the late '80s and imported it in 1990. The car was originally purchased...
  3. Ajay

    Vapor Blast/vapor homing Southern California

    Sent my intake manifold, runners, and my throttle body into these guys in Anaheim. They made my parts look like new. They did such an amazing job that I had to post. I know some other e9 and e10 guys in OC use these guys with amazing results. Non abrasive. PARTS REBORN in Anaheim, California.
  4. F

    1974 3.0Cs, found a new owner

    8-Sept-2018: This car is now sold to Clinton Stokes in California - thanks all for the notes, comments and interest. Original post: This car has been in my family its whole life - I was with my father when he bought it new in 1975. But now, somewhat sadly, I am giving it up because it's the 2nd...
  5. m_thompson

    Rhode Island Coupe Outing

    Last Sunday all of the Coupe owners in Rhode Island went for a drive in the Providence area before we put our toys away for the winter. They are all '72 and '73 US versions of the 3.0CS, and are all quite different in the details.
  6. T

    BMW 1972 3.0CS from germany

    hello, i´m Thomas from Germany, driving 1972 3.0CS blue BMW e9. www.bmw30cs.de
  7. B

    WTB 3.0cs power steering pump

    I'm looking for a 3.0cs power steering pump number ZF #7672.955.102. Thanks Bruce 310.218.6548
  8. WillE9CS

    BMW E9 3.0 CS 1972 West Yorkshire, England

    After much deliberation, we have decided to put this car up for sale. It would have been nice to restore it, but time is limited and there's not enough of it to put into this car to make it what it should be. The car is RHD and runs and drives, although the rear brakes are not working. We've...
  9. E

    1972 bmw 3.0csi $27,000

    I am selling my 1972 BMW 3.0CSI. A solid daily driver. Engines compression is good and the car runs smooth. There is a $5,000 invoice for recent work to make the car a reliable driver. Last week I drove the car 600 miles without any problems, no overheating, bakes work well. The 4 speed...
  10. L

    74 3.0cs restored for sale

    $24,500. firm I had listed this car last year but I now have had the rust repaired, refabricated parts, repainted, front seats recovered and much more work done. Runs great. I will post some pics now but can send more. Car is located in Houston at the moment at the shop where the work was...
  11. L

    1974 3.0 cs for sale- Houston

    $18,000. VIN: 4310051 Mileage approx 135,000. Owned since Dec. 1994. Purchased in Illinois. Currently in storage but in driving order and registered. Have had it in Colorado, NM and now Houston. Shipped to each place. Reason for sale: moving to California Red exterior, black leather interior...
  12. autobahn

    My 1972 CS project...

    Why finish one project when you can start another. That has been my motto with this car. It has been 10+ years and it's still not done. The past two months I have found some new energy to pump into this little sucker. We will see if I can have it done sometime this summer. They are hell...
  13. sdoyle

    Upholstery repair required for 3.0CS

    I need to re-cover the base of the drivers seat on '73 3.0CS, as shown in photo. Does anyone have material maybe from 5 series etc. The colour is black. Remaining interior is very good. I'm in Ireland. Thank you. Sean.
  14. W

    New to forum and "on the hunt"

    Hi there, I recently moved from NYC to Palo Alto and now have the opportunity to realize a little dream: owning a BMW 3.0 cs (after all I am German ;)). BTW: Was Bertone the designing company - it resembles quite a bit the Alfas (I know the 3200CS from the early 60s was)? In any case, I was...