1. hardtosee_e3

    '73 Sahara Bavaria Restoration

    Here starts the beginning of a restoration build for a Bavaria's that's been garage kept since 2004. The car's 'welcome to the forum' thread, for those interested: The documentation suggests...
  2. hardtosee_e3

    Greetings from a longtime BMW enthusiast with a new E3 project..

    Thank you for welcoming me to your community! Excited to learn from you all, and to soon be driving the newest addition to my stable on public roads.. My BMW History I've owned more than a handful of BMWs throughout the years, from a few ETA E30s to an ix, to an E36 M3/4/5, an E46 xi wagon...
  3. billpatterson

    Manual pedal box for '73 Bavaria

    Hi their Forum members! I am new to this forum but not to BMWs; I have had several over the decades and I am back at it; I recently purchased a very solid '73 Bavaria. It came to Alberta from California and it was stored for several years. So...I am beginning to collect a few bits and pieces for...
  4. Quinn

    72 Bavaria for sale whole car or parts

  5. thelatestcraze

    Gear Position Indicator

    Hi all. I wonder if anyone can help me. My CSA has a Gear Position Indicator on the steering wheel column and the bulbs are all working but I was wondering how this is connected to the auto gearbox. There's no sign of any wiring to the gearbox at all so I'm assuming the previous owners have...
  6. TG-2002-320i-328ci

    73 Cs - Craiglist Chicago

    Any thoughts on this one? I wrote the seller and received a few more photos. Navy interior - lots of cracking and tears Automatic Engine compartment is a bit dirty Some bubbling on the trunk - especially near the 3.0cs numbering I'm...