1. jefflit

    Parking light restoration

    A thread to learn from the experts on fixing these up. My observations (probably common knowledge to many of you already)... Unlike the headlight buckets and taillights, which were made by Hella, the parking light housings and lenses were sourced from Sidler. The housings are chrome plated...
  2. Wladek

    Genuine SIDLER right side turn signal lense EU - SOLD

    Hello, for sale 100% genuine (not any repro) Sidler BMW right side amber turn signal lense, European version. Condition - used, but look very nice, almost perfect. Absolutely no cracks, just little surface scratches. Price - incl. worldwide shipping with registered priority post letter Payment -...
  3. Wladek

    Set of white turn signal lenses EU R & L (NEW) - SOLD

    Hello, have for sale one set of new/never used, very nice aftermarket turn signal white/transparent lenses, European version: 1x Left & 1x Right. Condition - new, 100% perfect, no cracks or scratches. I planned to put them in my car, but decided to go with classic amber lenses. Photo with fitted...
  4. Stan

    Repro Tail Light Lenses

    This saga started in January of 2016. It took months of research to find someone willing to make lenses at a reasonable price. Since that time he has made 30 full sets. Some on the early list bought more than one set. Coupe King bought one set then 5 more. The manufacturer (or should I call...