steering wheels

  1. patipatina

    I used to be ..

    a Porsche 911 guy .. And I still own 911s but I started looking around, drove a Saab 900 SPG for a while but sold it .. In other words - I made room for something else .. So I bought a 2002 tii and I absolutely love it .. Checked a beautiful 2000CS but that was not my thing .. So I looked...
  2. chope97

    Nardi Personal Wood Steering Wheel

    Up for sale is a Nardi Personal Wood steering wheel out of my 73 E3. The wheel needs to be repaired it has a crack around part of the perimeter . Gold pinstripe is still intact. about 15" diameter $300.00 plus shipping Clarence
  3. Wes

    Anybody bought from here? (Steering Wheels)

    Looks like they have some nice stuff.