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Hello From Seattle-Knives Out 1972 E9 CSi


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Seattle, WA
now you need to get its soulmate, the one that was in the art of racing in the rain
Interestingly enough that one was also from the PNW. A member here sold it to Disney. That one wasn’t nearly as nice as this one, and the PO would confirm.

Mark Jarman

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Seattle, WA
RSchick -

Congrats on your purchase. I also live in the Seattle metro area and I'm in the process of of reassembling my coupe after a new paint job. I'm amazed at how many E9 owners live in our neck of the woods. It would be fun to have an informal get together buzzing over the North Cascades highway or something sometime.

Here is an additional idea for a mechanic resource if your looking for them.

Group 2 Motor Sport - Group 2 is located in the Ballard/Magnolia area. The owner of the shop is very personable and an enthusiast. They work on 2002s, E9s as well as more current day BMWs. I have had them do work on my E39.

This user forum is awesome. If you aren't a gear head and simply enjoy driving the car my advice is to learn all about the ins and outs of your car on this forum so you can be your own best advocate when paying a professional to do any work on the car.

If you haven't already discovered this resource, www.wallothnesch.com is a great resource for parts.