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Motronic 1.3 To MegaSquirt


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Hi All

Well i have had the 1.3 for some time now and I think it's time to move on. Back when it was the new/used system to go to, I went Head first and read as much info as was available which wasn’t much, just a few pics on the web. It worked and worked good but you all know it has its drawbacks - no adjustability for the most part.

On to Megasquirt
First thing is why would I take this on when you can have a Pro like Don just do it. Well I’m going to lean on the guys on the board to guide me along. I’m doing this with my son Michael who has been on me to swap over for some time. We want to learn all there is so we can fix, adjust, and tune in the future.

My Dirty m30 - 10:1 & a cam runs good but Something is missing , that extra HP / Torque.
I was at Dons place in the bay last week and noticed a block it was wrapped in plastic and I asked him what pistons are those... he smiled and said Custom. Yeah he planted the seed.
Let’s see what ... pics to come