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New Console for the Coupe


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naaah, i like to run TSD road rallies, and occasionally you have to make some bat turns, and the easiest way is to crank the wheel, yank the hand brake and go ... you have to remember, 1 pt for every 1/100 minute (early or late) ... low points win


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I started this with Eric Anton a number of years ago. In 1986, I found a similar holder for the 320i (I had a '76 2002 at the time). I made it fit in the 2002 with some modification. When I purchased my coupe in 1986, I put it in with no trouble. Fast forward 20 years, Eric saw it in my car at a show, and asked to "copy" it. His was MUCH better. I still have it in my car (his last version I have, which has a lock for the folding top). Since my car was a daily driver, I NEEDED the coffee holder, and it still works perfectly. I'll email him, and see if he is interested in a group buy from us. If so, how many are interested?