1. m73

    Any South Africa Owners...

    What a backdrop. Double points for the original patina Coupe.
  2. chope97

    1970 2800cs for sale on CL Baltimore

    https://baltimore.craigslist.org/cto/d/bmw-2800cs-1970-cgc/6542360838.html no association to me
  3. wizzurp

    1970 2800CSA rust monster restomod

    Ok so I've owned this car for a couple years now and finally was able to get it inside. Cliffs for the car: sat in a field since the 80's, tons of rust, completely original, clean title, absolutely disgusting and full of rat shit. I figure this will be a good place to keep track of my...
  4. mulberryworks

    Restoration of '70 2800CS 2270407

    So, it begins. I haven't rolled Hedwig into the garage quite yet, but I'm declaring my intentions to this little corner of the world on this Friday the 13th. I'll have a parallel thread on my own site that I'll list in the signature when I start those pages up. I'll list this restoration thread...
  5. mulberryworks

    And now I've landed in Austin

    Two score years ago I began my infatuation with German automobiles. Then it was the funny little air cooled sedans built in Wolfsburg and vans built in Hanover. I added several of the convertibles made by Karmann in Osnabrück because what is life without a little sun? They were so cheap and easy...
  6. FGS

    My survivor 1970 2800 CS - Tundra

    Hello, this is my 1970 2800 CS, Tundra, a 32,000 kms car (when I bought it three weeks ago). First owner from 1970 to 2000, the second owner has a coach shop (from whom I bough it), made 6000 km in 14 years, he has sold me the car just because of health issues. A completely original car, never...
  7. bcoli

    New 2800CS in Southern Oregon

    HI, My wife, Sue, & I recently purchased a 1970 BMW 2800CS. It needs some work (lots) and would really like to meet with other CS owners & to look at their cars. Please PM me if you live within 4 or 5 hours and we'd be glad to come meet you (or you are welcome to come & see my car). Thanks...
  8. mario1017

    1972 2800cs 228009

    found this car, in rough shape, complete, 9th US CSA buit, really a parts car... maybe someone wants to spare it? would need a agressive restoration. has toolkit, in good shape missing a few pieces. has seats, needs new leather. has nardi wheel, needs restoration. has bumpers. complete motor...
  9. bmw art car


    my car came with a lot of parts off... the car was in storage for ages and the hardware is not labeled as to where it goes. and to make matters worse , i have parts for three different cars that came with my car, plus plenty of new parts in boxes that i still have to look at and see what they...
  10. C

    1971 Bmw 2800cs for sale

    Last Last year, I inherited a 1971 BMW 2800CS from my father. He has had the car since 1990, and he always planned to fix it up as soon as he had some free time or he retired. Unfortunately, neither happened, so this car has been under a tarp for 20 years. My brother and I planned to get it...