1. m73

    'S' LSD Stencil

    For anyone else interested I am offering a special price here on the forum -- $8/ea includes shipping See picture for details on stencil and the finished painted 'S' PayPal: [email protected] I will confirm payment and shipping for anyone who buys one. Happy Holidays, Mo
  2. m73

    'S' LSD Stencils are re-made

    A few owners have been asking me for 'S' LSD stencils lately so I decided to re-make the original design. These are made from 'Premium Cast' vinyl and are an exact match to the factory look. Price is $11 each which includes free shipping worldwide -- if anyone needs to buy more than one...
  3. bossrobot

    LSD / both wheels spin the same direction ?

    I had my car on a lift and was checking it out yesterday. I was really nervous because I knew that my car had spent some time on the East Coast. From what I could see it looked pretty good with only a few small 1980's type rust repairs and of course the exhaust is pitted. P.S. I turned the...
  4. Bill Cutler

    WTB 3.64 CWP to suit LSD

    Wanted - 3.64 ratio Crown Wheel & Pinion - for E9/E12 type Side Loader limited slip diff - (Needed for ratio change from 3.45) Many thanks
  5. erneland

    Sideloader LSD 3:45.

    I'm letting go of one of the sideloaders I have. It has 3:45 ratio. I'll include new friction discs. Can be shipped, but freight is not included. Edit -->Price: 1400EUR
  6. m73

    Limited Slip 'S' Stencil

    'S' stencils for sale in pairs of 2: $6/pair including shipping. ( I will confirm payment + shipping ) My link: See installation guide:
  7. rodspock

    WTB E9 Limited Slip Differential - LSD

    Hello, I am getting much closer to getting my inca 3.0 CS back on the road. I am after a limited slip differential for the car. The car has triple webers, some head work, a mild cam, bored and stroked to 3.4 litres, high compression pistons and custom exhaust manifiold, mated upto a five...