'72 Atlantik 3.0S


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Vasa, Finland
Thanks guys!
When I was out and about with the car today I happened upon a summer cottage neighbor who was out looking after his place so that the water pipes wasn't freezing and whatnot. He's really into classic cars as well, so he mentioned he had a set of 14" wheels with winter tyres that probably would fit the e3 if I was interested, so I kinda purchased them, he'll bring them over next time he visits. So when the time is right and there's no salt on the roads, I might be doing some real winter driving.

(You must be saving the beautiful hubcaps and trim rings for the good weather ;))

Yes, the steelies had really bad tires on them when we bought the car, and since I had this set with good tyres it wasn't much to think about. The steelies are planned to go on powder coating and get a new set of tires at some point, I really like these 7x14" as well, so it will happen when it happens ;) But I agree - the stock hubcaps and trim rings suit these cars really well!


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My favorite adolescent memories were driving the Bavaria in the snow. I was driving into town the other day when I fellow came up to me and told me he drove a 2500 when he was a teenager. In Michigan. After a good storm with some good snow banks he decided to test the brakes. Said they locked up magnificently. But when he took his foot off, the car went into a spin and a tree and then died. Yet he still blamed it on the brakes. NMTU