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The Raven e9 project


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I'll apologize in advance for the incremental minutia that I am posting. I had thought about saving up photos/progress and summarizing at various points. But I'd also planned on keeping a journal of the restoration, as a separate effort. It then occurred to me that this thread on the forum is a really great tool to track the project and progress.

Disassembly continues - but I quickly confirmed that I don't have enough room in the new garage to park our daily drivers, store yard tools, etc, plus the Raven, the tools and space I need to work on it, and all of the parts I am storing. At least not the way I was stacking things up. So today we embarked on some storage solutions. It still needs some tweaking, but WOW what a difference this has already made.
20200531-storage 1.jpg
20200531-storage 2.jpg