restoration list

  1. wab_jr

    Now we begin!

    It’s taken me 9 months since digging her out of the dark warehouse but got her to my coupe whisperer with the first goal being that of running. Then driving. Then we decide what to do. Pics of the bottom end. Virginal rod caps. And where she was hidden since ‘96 (From my first e9 coupe post...
  2. jefflit

    Blue EV build

    By semi-popular demand here it is... my build thread! Those who read my IKEA Effect thread know that I'm somewhat ambivalent about making this public but there was some interest and I think the build is interesting. To make a long story(so far) short, I started on a B35 swap that has crept...
  3. DavidE9

    1973 Polaris 3.0cs in Canada

    1973 BMW 3.0CS Hello from Canada. Here is my 1973 BMW 3.0cs project. Originally this car was delivered to Switzerland, then spent some time in California, and finally ending up in Alberta, Canada. 109,000 original KM, original interior and windshield. It definitely is a good start and I am...
  4. m5bb

    Gary's Avus Blau 3.0CS rebuild

    Finally going to start a rebuild page. It will be 3 years next month since I started this. The car had a lot of rust, so nothing new there. It spent 1 year in the metal shop. I totally stripped it to a bare metal car and soda blasted. I think I was W&N's best customer for a few months. Ha! New...
  5. Wes

    CSL Barn Find 2285251

    That got everybody's attention. Apologies to the couple of Forum members that know parts of this story but now that the deal has been closed I thought it only fair to update everybody. A while back word of a chamonix 1972 'barn find' ' City Pack' CSL was doing the rounds here among parts of...
  6. Thomas76

    Needed a "Go By"

    The car on top is my instruction book for how to finish what someone else started.. instantly addicted to everything E9! Truelly appreciate the tremendous support of this forum and archive. Thank you in advance!
  7. JamesE30

    My Alpina B2 powered 3.0CS

    Hey guys, it's about time I started a proper documentation of the work on my e9. The project is certainly turning out to be a lot bigger than I had planned so I thought Id share my adventure here and hopefully absorb some of the forums' fountain ofd knowledge along the way! Last year I...
  8. JetDexter

    1974 BMW CSE

    Hey guys, Well, after introducing myself over the weekend, it seems that there is enough of an interest in my electric coupe to carry on a build thread. I created a blog for this project so that various friends and clients around the country can easily follow along. But I will just try to...
  9. 3.0seeker

    Not frame off, but close!

    We need some help identifying which replacement parts to order for rust remediation. The exploded views in the Wallothnesch Catalog are incomplete as the individual screens have more parts listed with a -00 suffix. Hopefully the images will be adequate to ascertain what we need. Obviously new...
  10. scottevest

    My Baby is done... Thanks for all your help!!!!

    [This thread is a continuation of my mini-restoration project started here, but locked down for comments due to non-relevant content being added by others.] Benny and I met today, and we both apologized to each other. We went over the car carefully together and he promised to address ALL my...
  11. paul

    72 CSi rotisserie restoration

    Howdy all, I am restoring a 72 LHD Cs which will end up having an M90/B35 engine converted to retro D-Jetronic Fi system. I thought it would be useful info for others travelling down this path. Car at present is down to a shell/sandblasted/epoxy coated and in the metal fabricators for new...
  12. Dan Mooney

    I just couldn't stop myself opening Pandora's Box!

    I was recently investigating why my headlamp stalk was so close to the rim of my recently installed Petri 380mm steering wheel. I had initially thought it was because I was using a 2002 hub, rather than an E9 hub, although the 6mm difference between the two didn't explain how close my headlamp...
  13. Wladek

    72' Fjord CSI resto

    Hi there, i have a problem with making photo's of my progress with e9, so i decided to create this thread, maybe that way i will be motivated little bit more. Sorry at the beginning, but my thread might be not continuous & sometimes out of context, i will be just updating here my current...
  14. Gary Waggoner

    1970 2800CS restosortof

    Since the term restomod is kind of out these days I will refrain from using. The fact is that I am finishing a restoration and modifying the car to my tastes. My car started as a very nice original car that was repainted (not very well ) and maintenance has been kept up with somewhat. My build...
  15. RTHLSS1

    1972 E9 3.0 CSI - Chamonix

    Hi guys, Been posting some updates regarding restoration of my E9 and @Peter Coomaraswamy suggested to open a thread to see progress over time which is great. I first have opportunity to check E9 up close 6-7 years ago when my friend bought 2800CS restoration project. I fell in love with the...
  16. scottevest

    The end is near....SCOTTeVEST's Baby

    I am about to get my Coupe repainted, not a bare metal restore, etc. It looks great now, but just needs some love. I am getting chrome bumpers installed and thought I would get the whole car painted while I am at it. Here is what I sent to the painter, and his bid is shown here. Thanks for...
  17. autokunst

    The Raven e9 project

    “Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible”. -Albert Einstein I thought it would be helpful for me to begin this project with a clear mission statement. I may need to refer back to these goals as time elapses to stay on course. This is going to be a long journey. The...
  18. zinz

    '67 2000CS resto...Papa's Church Car

    Many of you have seen my '67 2000CS and know the back story found here: The tear down and restoration of the paint and interior started in earnest a few weeks back. My good friend Barney Toler...
  19. '69 2800cs

    My rocker repair/replacement

    My starting point was shiny paint and a seemingly perfect quarter panel. The cosmetic rocker cover was in excellent condition. But....there was a small fiberglass patch in front of the passenger rear wheel. Time to find out whats going on inside that rocker! I took the door off and reinforced-
  20. JohnFBD

    2800CSA Restomod in Oz

    Picked up a pretty tatty 1970 e9 here in Sydney, previous owner was Mr Magoo! Bodywork will be challanging, engine choice and suspension even more. So the work begins, wish me luck, oh and I have named the car von Trapp (more like money trap me thinks). The car was stipped and went to the...